ISIS found to be smuggling oil into Turkey.


Putin says that he assumes the head officials in Turkey are unaware of this trade. (Image courtesy of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation)

Russian president Putin, along with other leaders of countries, are paying close attention to illegally smuggled oil from terrorist-seized Syrian territories to Turkey. This commercial-scale oil smuggling is not only in direct violation of international law, but also supports terrorist group ISIS financially. However, Turkish officials deny that Syrian oil is getting into their country illegally. The President of France says that they need to get rid of the trucks that transport oil to the buyers, in order to limit ISIS incomes. Meanwhile, Russian air forces continue to target terrorist areas in Syria.

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Suicide bombing attacks in Nigeria kill 21.


State of Kano, in Nigeria (Image courtesy of Wikipedia.)

At least 21 people were killed in a suicide attack on a Shiite Muslim march. This occured in the village of Dakasoye, south of Kano. The march is an annual ritual observed by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. According to Muhammud Turi, the bomber ran into the crowd, then detonated his explosives. It is uncertain who conducted the attack.

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Amazon Rainforest deforestation. (Image courtesy of University of Pennsylvania.)

Rate of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest increases once again.

Though the deforestation rate dropped in 2014, a report from the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment found that it increased once more in 2015 by 16%. Satellite images showed that from July 2014 – August 2015, 5831 kmof forest was cleared. The Brazilian Government said they were surprised with the findings.Today, the Amazon Rainforest covers around 3 330 000 km2, almost 20% less than what it did in 1970.

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Switzerland’s Ticino region imposes burka ban.

Wearing religious clothing can now result in a $10 000 fine. (Image courtesy of Huffington Post)

A ban of burkas came into effect on 24 November. This ban prohibits Islamic woman from wearing veils that cover their faces. Violators can be fined anywhere from $100 – $10 000. The law was originally supposed to include other face-obscuring as well, such as ski masks, but the final law restricted only Burkas and other Islamic clothing. France, Belgium, and the Netherlands are only some of the countries that have already banned certain Islamic clothing. There has been an increase in anti-Muslim actions in Europe since the 13 November Paris terrorist attacks.

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3 dead, 9 injured at anti-abortion clinic shooting

A Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs was the sight of a dead shooting. (Image courtesy of Indiana Public Health)

A Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado was the site of a 5 hour long deadly standoff between police and a single shooter. Witnesses reported hearing up to 20 shots before the suspect finally surrendered and was taken into custody. The healthcare non-profit group Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortion in the United States, and a common site of pro-life protests. In response the attack, President Obama expressed his views on tightening gun-control.

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