ISIS attack on Sufi mosque in Sinai kills 305.

A brutal attack on a Sufi mosque in Sinai killed 305 people. (Image courtesy of Mohamed Soliman/Reuters)

On 24 November 2017, a group of 25 to 30 gunmen travelling in vehicles surrounded a packed Sufi mosque in Sinai and killed 305 people with gunfire. The effortless attack has raised security concerns in Egypt and further emphasizes the dangers of living in Egypt, with militants on one side and a ruthless military on the other. President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has voiced his anger about the attack and promises retribution.

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Scientist attempt to track interstellar asteroid ‘Oumuamua’.

Oumuamua is the first interstellar object observed and was identified from its distinctive shape and colour. (Image courtesy of ESO/M Kornmesser)

The interstellar asteroid Oumuamua was first observed in October 2017 and is the first witnessed object from another galaxy. The asteroid was identified by its unique and atypical shape, among other factors, that determined its outer galaxy origins. A team from the Initiative for Interstellar Studies has proposed to intercept the asteroid. The project is ambitious and time sensitive as the asteroid is quickly moving out reach, making it likely impossible and impractical. While the mission may not be possible, the discovery of Oumuamua has led scientists to begin preparing the project for the next interstellar visitor.

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Argentina Navy denies safety allegations of missing submarine.

Relatives of the 44 missing crew members of the ARA San Juan comfort each other. (Image courtesy of EPA)

Forty-four crew members of the Argentine navy have been missing for over a week after being sent out on a submarine training mission. The submarine, ARA San Juan, was last in contact with naval authorities on 15 November. Despite international search efforts, the crew nor the vessel have been found. The last heard words from the crew were a report of electrical problems and agencies from the US and Europe both report an anomaly akin to an explosion in the area where the submarine was last seen. Relatives of the missing crew have begun to suggest that the 34-year old vessel was unsafe but the navy refutes any safety claims, saying the vessel passed all checks before being sent out.

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Mount Agung in Bali erupts, causing displacement of thousands.

Mount Agung in Bali has erupted and has caused thousands to move. (Image courtesy of Petra Simkova/Reuters)

Mount Agung in Bali has erupted twice in one week after a dormant period of more than fifty years. Agung’s tremors began to increase in September 2016, causing more than a hundred thousand people to leave, but ultimately lead to no major activity. However, almost a year later, Agung is erupting with ash exploding to almost 20,000 feet. The volcano is causing flight delays and tens of thousands of Bali’s residents to be displaced. Due to Agung’s unstable state, the economic health of Bali has suffered for the past years as tourism to the island has decreased.

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Nuclear accident in Russia sends radioactive cloud over western Europe.

French nuclear safety agencies detected a radioactive cloud over Europe, indicating a nuclear accident in Russia. (Image courtesy of Martin Muransky/Alamy)

French nuclear safety institute IRSN detected a cloud of radioactive pollution over Europe indicating a nuclear accident that happened in late September. IRSN found relatively high levels of ruthenium-106 in the air and traced the cloud back to either Russia or Kazakhstan. Russian authorities claimed no knowledge of any nuclear accident but investigated. The investigation found the Mayak nuclear facility in Chelyabinsk region had extremely high pollution of radioactive isotopes. However, authorities claim no accident occurred. The cloud is harmless according to the IRSN.

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