Stephen Hawking reconsiders importance of black holes.

The Morris Loeb Lecture in Physics and The Black Hole Initiative Inauguration. Stephen Hawking (pictured) delivers a talk in Sanders Theatre at Harvard University. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer

Stephen Hawking delivers a talk in Sanders Theatre at Harvard. (Photo courtesy the Harvard Gazette.)

A century ago, black holes were complete enigmas, and still a topic of debate among the scientific community. Since then, the concept of a black hole has transformed to the idea that it is a small sphere of space, from which nothing (light included) cannot escape. In the 1970s, Stephen Hawking’s research showed that black holes emit a faint glow, now known as Hawking radiation. Having accepted the common theory that black holes are completely dark, he had initially dismissed his findings, trying to dispute his own work. Now, he has changed his mind, and is supportive of the research going on at Harvard University.

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Australia is being internationally humiliated for lack of commitment to Paris climate deal.

Greg Hunt wants to drastically decrease Australia’s carbon emissions. (Photo courtesy of ABC News.)

Australia’s federal environment minister, Greg Hunt, claims that Australia will be able to beat its Kyoto emission reduction targets by 78 m tonnes. He also alleged that, in comparison to 2005 emissions, Australia will reduce their emissions by 26% – 28% before 2030. According to Larissa Waters, the senator for the Green Party, Hunt’s goals are overly ambitious, and not feasibly backed up by science. Waters is advocating for policy change that will further environmental action, instead of just making false claims to the public.

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100 Cats have been found mutilated. (Photo Courtesy of ABC News.)

Cat killer mystery continues in London. 

The mutilated bodies of over one hundred cats have been recently found. Charities are currently investigating these deaths. The mutilations appear to have been done by the same person. After investigation, it has been determined that the cats are likely to be killed by blunt force trauma before having their tails and heads removed. It is currently unclear if the increase in reports is due to the perpetrator becoming more active, or if people are simply taking more notice about animal carcasses.

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Websites that block Ad-blockers may be illegal under European law.

EU cookie laws ban websites that block anti-ad blockers. (Photo Courtesy of Alexander Hanff.)

Alexander Hanff investigated Europe’s online cookie laws by communicating with the European Commission. Under a law that has been implemented since May 2011, people must give consent before a website is allowed to run and hide content on websites. Since anti ad-block websites access the personal data of users, they currently defy privacy laws.

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