The Reckoner is the award-winning student newspaper of Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. During the school year, The Reckoner publishes regularly on its website and produces printed newspapers which are distributed to the school community. The organization is comprised entirely of dedicated student volunteers: some of the best writers, artists, photographers, designers, and developers of the school. In 2016, the organization was named Ontario’s Best High School Electronic Newspaper and Ontario’s Best High School Volunteer Newspaper by the Toronto Star. The Reckoner has also received other awards since then. To view the previous guards, click the links below:

Eleventh Guard (2021 – 2022)

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Allyson Wu is a Grade 12 student and the Editor in Chief of the Twelfth Guard. She's in love with summer, and has spent this past one travelling, gaming, and wondering when her pink hair is finally going to fade. Other than that, Allyson can usually be found downloading songs off her extensive Spotify playlists, taking photos of her friends, and constantly running out of phone storage. It feels like there's some sort of correlation between those three things, but she hasn't figured it out yet.

Allyson Wu


Zahra Ahmed is a Grade 12 student and the News Manager for The Reckoner. If she's not sipping coffee during the school day, she's probably planning her next coffee run. She usually complains about having too much work', or the opposite, having absolutely nothing to do. Sometimes, both at the same time. She takes pride in having taken a selfie with a llama, her obsession with to-do lists, and laughing uncontrollably.

Zahra Ahmed

News Manager
Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Sarah Li is a grade twelve student neck-deep in nonsense and daydreams. She's spent the past nine years of her life dedicating all of her time and energy to her novel series in-planning "CDP" and has essentially merged her soul with the thing. She landed herself as the Life Manager for the Reckoner by disguising the CDP as content. When she's not drafting up character arcs, rewriting physics, or finding increasingly creative ways to work around residual plotholes from Grade 2, she's... still thinking about the CDP. Seriously dude, get a hobby.

Sarah Li

Life Manager

Amy Jia is the Editorial Manager for The Reckoner. This is her fourth year on The Reckoner now, but the only part of her that has changed is her height (it has increased). If you like bubble tea, books, or food then you know you definitely have something in common with her. She loves making new friends, so don’t be afraid to say hi or strike up a conversation!

Amy Jia

Editorial Manager

Angela Xu is the photography manager for the Reckoner. As the professional procrastinator that she is, she enjoys many activities including soccer, word hunt, thrifting, and drinking bubble tea, all of which she did while putting off writing this bio.

Angela Xu

Photography Manager

Lucy is the Illustrations Manager of the Eleventh Guard. She enjoys volleyball, piano, art, and karate. She aspires to become more fluent in Mandarin and sleep earlier.

Lucy Qi

Illustrations Manager

Carrie Jiang is the Outreach Manager at The Reckoner. She loves cats, watching sunrises and sunsets, listening to music, and sleeping. She also loves exercising, especially running (away from her problems).

Carrie Jiang

Outreach Manager

Anthony loves breaking things, so they decided to make him Web Manager. When he's not sleeping, he's either opening doors that shouldn't be opened or playing Minecraft. He can be found repeatedly driving 140-pound robots into load-bearing walls in 102, because he firmly believes that the undamaged robot is not worth driving. You can bribe him with dark chocolate should you ever need to.

Anthony Chen

Web Manager

Ray is in grade 12 now. Ray is also now the Print Manager of The Reckoner. Ray is pleasantly surprised by this definitely unexpected turn of events. Ray is probably a member of the species homo sapiens and will be pleasantly delighted if you treat Ray as a member of this species. Ray will gladly strike up a conversation if you wish, on basically any topic you want, so please go say hi to Ray. Ray can be found browsing the subreddit HFY and reading random stuff on the internet. Ray wants more friends, go be Ray's friend. Beep Boop.

Ray Hang

Print Manager