The Reckoner is the award-winning student newspaper of Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. During the school year, The Reckoner publishes regularly on its website and produces a monthly printed newspaper which is distributed to the school community. The organization is comprised entirely of dedicated student volunteers: some of the best writers, artists, photographers, designers, and developers of the school. In 2016, the organization was named Ontario’s Best High School Electronic Newspaper and Ontario’s Best High School Volunteer Newspaper by the Toronto Star. To view the previous guards, click any of the links below:

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Fifth Guard (2015 – 2016)   |   Fourth Guard (2014 – 2015)   |   Third Guard (2013 – 2014)   |   Second Guard (2012 – 2013)   |   First Guard (2011 – 2012)

Sumedh Dhanvanthry is a Grade 12 student and the Editor in Chief of the Eleventh Guard. But you’ll need more than that... You ever seen moonlight in a black-and-white movie making everything look softer, quieter? You know how sometimes you’ll step out into a dusky evening and feel a thunderstorm coming? And how in the night, the ocean is at its warmest but you’re a little scared as you wade out into the dark? He’s sitting on the baked pavement, writing his poem in chalk on the road, knowing it’ll soon be trampled to oblivion.

Sumedh Dhanvanthry


Jefferson Chen is the manager for the Editorial Board at The Reckoner. Some of his favorite hobbies include playing the piano, playing video games...oh, and playing with figures within his own imagination. Aside from his usual commitment to school, he serves as the Deputy Squadron Warrant Officer at 110 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Unfortunately, he lives with some individuals that enjoy making him do things he doesn't like...such as math, and physics, and chemistry...gross.

Jefferson Chen

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Manager

Zahra Ahmed is a Grade 11 student at MGCI and the News Manager for The Reckoner. If she's not sipping coffee during the school day, she's probably planning her next coffee run. She usually complains about having too much work to do, or the opposite, having absolutely nothing to do. Sometimes, both at the same time. She takes pride in having taken a selfie with a llama, her obsession with to-do lists, and laughing uncontrollably.

Zahra Ahmed

News Manager

Sarah Li is a grade eleven student neck-deep in nonsense and daydreams. She's spent the past eight years of her life dedicating all of her time and energy to her novel series in-planning "CDP" and has essentially merged her soul with the thing. She landed herself as the Life Manager for the Reckoner by disguising the CDP as content. When she's not drafting up character arcs, rewriting physics, or finding increasingly creative ways to work around residual plotholes from Grade 2, she's... still thinking about the CDP. Seriously dude, get a hobby.

Sarah Li

Life Manager

Evelyn is the Photography Manager at The Reckoner. Her notable talents include starting assignments at 12 am and sleeping through all of her alarms. She aspires to one day be 5’3 and achieve a first grade level of fluency in Mandarin.

Evelyn Jiang

Photography Manager

Zoe is the Illustrations Manager for the Reckoner. She is always looking for new learning opportunities and loves to help others. In her free time, Zoe enjoys various artistic activities and sports like skiing or boxing. She is also an outdoorsy person, so expect to see her going on a lot of camping/wilderness trips. She hopes to study biomedical engineering in the future, and be able to convey emotions to people through her art for The Reckoner.

Zoe Cheng

Illustrations Manager

Cynthia Wang is the Director of Web Development of The Reckoner. Since the beginning of quarantine, she's pretty much spent her entire life playing video games. During the rare times she decides to be productive, she is probably making tiny study notes, jamming to music while reading boring English literature, squinting at math formulas with Twitch streams on in the background, or crying in a corner over the (at the time of writing this biography) broken state of Although she will assert dominance on you if necessary, you can usually win her over with cheesecake.

Cynthia Wang

Director of Web Development

He is the Director of Print Development. He attends Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, and is also a part of The Reckoner. He has hobbies. Sometimes, he browses internet websites and other such things. Other times, he will do the occasional activity or hear a song. He is just like you. He works hard, enjoys things, and pumps blood from his heart around his body roughly 115,200 times per day. His favourite animal is the frog and he is in Grade 12.

Jeffrey Cheung

Director of Print Development

Allyson Wu is a Grade 11 student at MGCI and the head of the Outreach Board at The Reckoner. During her free time, she can usually be found listening to music on Spotify, drawing on her phone, or curled up with a book. Her current aspirations include becoming more fluent in Mandarin, improving her messy handwriting, and trying to increase her Among Us win rate. Feel free to reach out to her anytime, even if it's just to say hi - she loves making friends!

Allyson Wu

Outreach Manager