Crisp mornings, revitalized grass, torrential downpours, and maybe even some light snow on the ground – all things to remind you of April. Spring is here and winter isn’t coming back, no matter how much it rears its ugly head.

The Reckoner has assembled a playlist to help you through the dark – and very rainy – days ahead.  Our Reckommendations serve to keep your chin up when it rains, and to lend you strength when lightning shatters the sky and rain batters your windows.  Or, let the music act in tandem with the outside deluge, cleansing your mind and washing away your worries.

April showers, May brings flowers, and music is what you make of it. Enjoy!



Song Name: Only Teardrops

Artist: Emmelie de Forest


Description: Shed no tears as you listen to this sombre yet upbeat melody that perfectly matches that evening drizzle.


Song Name: It’s A Feeling

Artist: Toto


Description: Rejoice in the feeling of staying dry inside as Toto lulls you into a sense of security that can only be accomplished through warm blankets, cosy armchairs, and soft lyrics.


Song Name: Gold

Artist: Chet Faker


Description: Hear the rain clap to the beat as Faker pours his heart out about an empty love.


Song Name: Yellow Raincoat (Acoustic)

Artist: Justin Bieber


Description: Listen to the beauty of rain and the feeling of being in it with Justin’s original song


Song Name: Billie Jack

Artist: Curtis Mayfield


Description: Mayfield’s singing paired with the trumpet triplets and the smooth guitar is perfect for mellowing out.


Song Name: Platoon

Artist: Jungle


Description: Jungle’s 4 person vocals combined with their 1970s style soul music is reminiscent of the quiet and calm right after the downpour.


Song Name: Who’s Nose

Artist: Desmond Cheese


Description: This vocal sampling song features interesting instrumentation, sure to fit with the mood when it’s dripping away outside.


Song Name: Garota

Artist: Erlend Oye


Description: Erlend Oye’s soft voice combined with the trumpets allows for a catchy, but slow tune


Song Name: Walking In The Sand

Artist: Hollie Cook


Description: Allow the groovy reggae of Hollie Cook take you somewhere warmer.


Song Name: My heart will go on

Artist: Celine Dion


Description: Let Celine’s powerful singing take you back to the moment you never want to forget.


Song Name: Crystallised

Artist: The XX


Description: Similar to your mood on rainy days, this mellow track pairs perfectly with a lazy afternoon in a light shower.


Song Name: Silhouettes

Artist: Of Monsters and Men


Description: A song as dramatic as the rain itself; perfect for your inner contemporary dancer.


Song Name: Stan

Artist: Eminem


Description: The morning rain clouds up my window, and I can’t see at all.