On Wednesday 20 September, the Student Activity Council (SAC) hosted a Grade 9 barbecue in the back field to welcome the Grade 9s to MGCI. All the Grade 9s were invited to the barbecue, and each received a purple ticket which they had to present before getting food.

Students with the Garneau mascot at the Grade 9 barbecue. Photo: Ali Bokhari

The barbecue started halfway through Period 3 at 11:30 am and was wrapped up by the middle of lunchtime. The Grade 9s each received a hot dog, drink, and either a cookie or granola bar. SAC also organized a game of bean bag toss, Ultimate Frisbee, and soccer to help students interact and get to know each other better.

There were mixed reviews on the barbecue. One student, when asked whether he enjoyed the barbecue said, “No, because it wasn’t an interactive thing. People just stayed with their friends and it wasn’t an experience where you could make new friends.”

However, other students enjoyed the barbecue quite a bit. When Grade 9 student, Haseena, was asked whether she thought the barbecue should be held for students next year, she said, “Yes, it allowed everyone to gather together and united the Grade 9s.” Another student, Fatima, agreed and said, “I had fun and it was great. I especially enjoyed the variety of drinks.”

SAC members and staff at the Grade 9 barbecue. Photo: Ali Bokhari

Lisa Wang, the President of SAC, was pleased in general by the organization of the barbecue, saying, “The barbecue and food handout actually went very smoothly this year, set-up wise. However, one issues that pervades is the litter that ensues. Having more trash cans would be ideal.”

Overall, the Grade 9 barbecue was a success this year. There were no major issues and students enjoyed it for the most part.