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Pablo: I’m telling you, democracy is short for demon.

Green: Pablo what the hell are you on about.

Horn: what the
Horn: are you dumb Pablo

Fed: Naw this man is not ok

Cracker: You mean long for? Democracy is not shorter than demon

Pablo: Says who?

Bill: I mean I could get behind it

Pablo: You all will eat your words.

Ranch: Ooooo, I’m scared.

Cracker: Ranch I thought you were all for autocrac

Ranch: Yeah well, this guy’s a dumbass so. I mean, I couldn’t help but cyberbully this kid.

Pablo: You guys are dumb.
Pablo: I am 29 old.

Ranch: 9 years old in the ol’ noggin though.

Cracker: yo this mans got jokes though.

Pickle: hold your horses ###### no one heard what Bill said?

Bill: The man got caught by the filter what an idiot.
Bill: Also I’m just saying I respect the hustle from fascism.

Pablo: It is sad.
Pablo: Sad, sad, sad, that if you merely replaced fascism with ####### you likely would be admired instead of thrown in jail.

Trees: Of course, it’s Pablo that makes fun of #######.
Trees: What are you for Pablo? A tea party? What an idiot.

Pablo: Isn’t that more an analogy of communism though.

Bill: Shut up man.
Bill: Everyone who hates Pablo, type, “aye”

Cracker: aye

Bill: aye

Trees: aye

Pablo: You are a peon, Bill.

Bill: Peon?

Trees: Nawwwwww.

Pickle: What the… Bill is literally

Bill: Pickle can’t even spell it right. Classic political discussion, the respectable guy is drowned in illiterate garbage from the moron.

Cracker: Yeah I don’t condone fascism, or uhhhh, genocide, but this Pickle guy is getting annoying
Cracker: Like, we can read too. .

Tree: Shut the hell up Cracker you got held back from kindergarten.

Pablo: Actually classic, someone joins the politics channel with room temperature iq, no life, and just points out other people’s mistakes without knowing anything or being of any use.

Bill: …

Pablo: I hate people like that.

Trees: This man is a menace.

Pablo: I know, right?

Cracker: Pablo, we’re talking about you

Fed: He’s absolutely clueless.

Pickle: What a pickle he’s gotten himself into.

Cracker: This Pickle guy is kinda funny I’m not going to lie

Trees: Wait so what’s the punishment?

Bill: Vaccination?

Pablo: No, please.
Pablo: I have a family.

Cracker: 💀

Pickle: I have never heard more cap

Horn: wait what did I miss, are we voting pablo out?

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