It was a unique season for both of the Co-ed curling teams.

The Co-ed curling Team B finished their undefeated season with seven wins, securing their title as TDSB regional champions of the North and Eastern Region. During their semi-final game, the other team resigned after the score reached 12-0. Then on the 20th of March, they played their final game against Albert Campbell CI at the Tam Heather Curling and Tennis Club. The team won 7-0 after going into overtime. The members of Team B are Charmaine Chang, Harry Zhao, Jasmine Zhu, Jenny Bai, Jessica Guo, Justin Ye, and Tina Ma.

Photo: Matthew Tse

When asked about what led to the success of the team, Charmaine Chang said, “It was definitely teamwork, we were all very supportive of each other, and we worked well together, but most importantly at the end of the day we were there to have fun.”

I knew that the Co-ed B team had talent, but I was very proud of how they yelled together and played like a great team. Their communication, shot making, and strategy were all quite amazing to me. I remember watching the semi-final with the coach from the other team and thinking to myself, ‘If only I could make shots like that!’” commented Ms. Wiltenburg, the coach.

Although Ms. Wiltenburg coached both Co-ed teams, many members of the team praised Tina Ma as being a “mini-coach” for Team B.

“Our team improved super significantly throughout the season, and one of the reasons for that was because everyone was really open to feedback. Also, we bonded as a team off ice as well!” said Tina Ma.  

Meanwhile, Co-ed curling Team A ended their season winless, losing all seven of their games. Its members are Angela Pang, Austin Lin, Dora Su, Eric Zhao, Harrison Chiu, and Laura Lu.

“I think next time our team would practice more so we could get better shots, but also yell louder across the rink because it’s hard to hear,” said Laura Lu when asked about how her team could improve for the next season.

Harrison Chiu also commented,“It was the first season for a few of us, even though we lost, everyone still learned a lot from the games.”

A few members of the curling team have experience outside of school. When asked whether or not this experience would give players an advantage, Jenny Bai said, “It definitely does. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun for those who don’t curl outside of school!”

This year, MGCI took home the title of regional champions for girls, boys and co-ed teams.