Quiz League is a club which was founded in 1997 to represent Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute in academic tournaments across Canada. This year, members achieved the tenth position in the country for the International History Bowl and fourth in the country for the Inter Geography Bowl.

Throughout the year, Quiz League has weekly meetings where they prep their members for the tournaments by reading question packages and generally running practice tournaments. One tournament they regularly participate in is the “Reach for the Top” tournament, an inter-school quiz competition for students all across the country. As the tournament season approaches, the members are divided into teams of four after which there is a paperwork process that needs to be completed that takes several weeks. On tournament days, usually Wednesdays, the teams leave school early and head to North Toronto Collegiate Institute where the tournaments are typically held.

In the past years, Quiz league was divided into two clubs; one for Grades 9 and 10 and the other for Grades 11 and 12. When the club faced some administrative issues last year, they decided to merge the two clubs together. Now, the number of Quiz League members varies throughout the year, approximately anywhere between eight to seventy members. The club is run by a small executive team consisting of president Richard Zhang, vice president George Paraschiv, and two other executives who oversee all club businesses including paperwork and funding.

The purpose of this club is to not only represent Marc Garneau across the country but also to provide its members with an entertaining and educational experience; “I hope people are able to have fun with our club, to test and improve their trivia skills, and maybe learn a bit along the way. I hope we get the school a couple of titles in the process as well of course,” said club executive Adil Haider.

One of the largest issues the club faces is fundraising. The entrance fees to the tournaments are costly and can be up to $450 while the club receives less than a $100 each year in funding. This makes it hard for the club to participate in the tournaments in which case, participating members are usually expected to give a “tournament fee.” Since the club also faced some administrative issues recently and was unable to enter for their usual, “Reach for the Top” tournament, they enrolled in the “International History Bee and Bowl” tournament instead and performed rather well.

As for next year, the club plans on registering as one club and wants to keep themselves busy by competing in various types of tournaments rather than just one. They also hope to get more funding for these tournaments through actively participating in school fundraisers as well as increase awareness for the club to increase membership and also the funding received by the school. They encourage everyone to join the club as there is no registration required. Quiz League meets every Tuesday at lunch in Room 205 and all students are welcome to join.