In the field of economics, politics, or even memes, the stock market is a frequent theme that presents itself as the star of the show, while lurking in the shadows of everyday life. Stock Market Game Club at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute aims to gather students who show interest in investing and stocks, or to introduce new members to this topic. Regardless of age or knowledge, the club promotes a safe environment to participate in fun activities.

Formed in the fall of 2021, President Joshua Choi wanted to present the students of MGCI with an opportunity to work with others and provide a virtual simulation to the real-life stock market. “I created the Stock Market Game club because there are students who are interested in stocks and investing but didn’t really have the chance to hop into this field due to age limits and the risk of losing money,” Joshua explained. In the real world, you must be at least 18 years of age to trade stocks. “Through the Stock Market Game, students would be able to actually be involved in stock trading using a simulator and get a true experience of it.”

When asked about what the club hopes to accomplish, Joshua said, “Our club isn’t going for any accomplishments. All I hope for the club to accomplish is for more students to join and enjoy.” With that being said, club executives continue to support students in the club and provide them with advice when participating in activities.

When asked about what the club goals are, club executive Charlie Zhao said, “We want people to understand the basics of how stock trading would be like in the real world by using a 1:1 simulation of the stock market in real life, so you don’t have to actually spend real money.”

As of February 2022, the club is fully virtual, with all information and activities completed online using Discord, the StockMarketGame platform, and Investopedia. Unlike many other clubs, the Stock Market Game Club does not hold meetings, instead, members provide advice for each other when they need help, as well as support from execs. Mainly, members continue to trade stocks on the virtual simulation. When asked about this unique method, Joshua said, “I just feel like meetings are not the best way to learn investing, but rather having casual discussions together and doing individual research and analysis on various companies is a better way to learn.” The club has proven to be successful, with numerous dedicated and enthusiastic members. 

When asked about their experience, club member Anish Nagariya had many positive things to say, “My experience with the stock market game club has been great. It has provided me the opportunity to learn when to buy and sell and practice my trading skills with their paper trading competition. I feel very confident when paper trading now because of my experience with the club. It has also inspired me to trade more frequently and try my luck in the real market.”

Students who are interested in joining the Stock Market Game Club can join using the following link: