We can all agree that 2017 was one hard year to get through. It was a rollercoaster of many ups and downs (but mostly downs), leading to far too many disappointing moments. Memes, however, were the one thing that didn’t disappoint us. Without memes, how would we have expressed our inner thoughts, thrown shade, related with others, and built invaluable bonds with friends?

Here is The Reckoner’s pick of the best memes of 2017.

10.Salt Bae

9.Elf on the Shelf

8.Pennywise in the Sewer

7.Mocking Spongebob

6.Guy Tries to Impress Girl

5.Expanding Brain

4.Roll Safe

3.Distracted Boyfriend

2.White Guy Blinking

1.Tag Yourself

Bonus:New Year’s Meme                                                                                                                                                                                                          Though this meme hasn’t been around for long, it’s certainly given everyone inspiring ideas on how to spend their last few moments of 2017.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!