French Club

Bonjour Marc Garneau! The French Club will be having a meeting this Friday in Room 205 so make sure to attend!

Physics Club

Why do objects move? If I push on a wall, am I pushing the wall or is the wall pushing me? To find out, come to MGCI Physics Club every Thursday at lunch in Room 335. You will be amazed!

Scholarship Report

The scholarship report, issue 15, is now available through the MGCI folder. It outlines scholarships with deadlines in December and January. See guidance for more information.

Sears Drama Festival

Cold reading auditions will be held today at lunch in Room 203 for the play “Fire Exit.” Please come at the beginning of lunch.

UofT National Book Award

For all Grade 12 students applying for the UofT National Book Award, applications are due in guidance on Friday 20 October by 3 pm.

Drama Club

Have a passion for drama? Want to perform in school plays? Compete in the Canada Improv Games? Come to MGCI Drama Club Fridays at lunch in Room 246. See you there!