For the Muslim Students Association’s (MSA) second annual scavenger hunt, students foraged around Marc Garneau in search of clues about influential Muslim figures.

The hunt took place on 20 December 2017 at lunch in the galleria. Participants were given a sheet of five clues, consisting of quotes and short descriptions, about five unnamed prominent Muslim figures. From the initial clues, and help from the internet, participants proceeded to search for the next clues hidden around the first floor of the school to help identify the individuals on their sheet. These Muslim figures were philosopher Ibn Sina, boxer Muhammed Ali, Olympic athlete Ibtihaj Muhammad, mathematician and physicist Ibn al-Haytham, and polymath Ismail al-Jazari.

MSA executives set up in the galleria for the scavenger hunt. Photo: Ali Bokhari

Around fifteen students participated in the scavenger hunt, of which ten fully completed the challenge. It took most participants almost the entire lunch period to complete. Chocolates were awarded as prizes for those who successfully identified all five figures.

Grade 10 student Hussna Jan said, “It was actually so much fun and I learned so much about these people. I had heard about a few of them but some were completely new to me!”

MSA President Maira Kabli said, “Our aim was for more people to recognize famous figures in Islam and to raise awareness about their many accomplishments.” She added, “In light of recent events, we thought it was important to show Islam in a different light and focus on Muslims’ many positive impacts on the world.”

MSA plans to increase awareness about the Islamic faith through future events and activities.