The Reckoner, formerly only delivering content through print editions and online access, is proud to announce the release of our new mobile application, now available on Android devices through the Google Play store.

The development of an application for mobile support is always beneficial to the ease-of-access of mobile users. Though a modified version of The Reckoner’s site was previously available to mobile devices, it did not offer the clarity and performance that The Reckoner wishes to achieve. The new mobile application utilizes a more practical user interface, implementing an organized menu and intuitive swipe navigation controls, significantly enhancing the viewing experience for mobile readers. In addition, users will be able to enable notifications on their device to stay up-to-date on new articles published on our site.

This application was designed by an in-house development team over the summer using on a development software known as Android Studio, which is specialized for mobile application design. With the use of a WordPress API (a set of additional tools that can be implemented for ease of software development), The Reckoner mobile app will be able to deliver real-time access to all the content available on our site using a highly streamlined process.

With this new app, The Reckoner will be able to reach out to more students at Garneau, offering a new, handy medium for access to its content. A goal of The Reckoner has always been to bring together the diverse Garneau community, and we hope that this new release will aid us in successfully achieving that goal.

Leave your comments and suggestions below; we would love to see your feedback!

Check out our app in the Google Play store today!

Students wishing to learn more about the development process of the mobile application should contact Web Board at [email protected]