On 30 September 2015, all students at MGCI, along with millions of others throughout Canada, took part in the annual Terry Fox Run, celebrating the legacy of the man who ran 5373 km across eastern and central Canada to raise money to find a cure for cancer. This year marked Canada’s 35th Terry Fox Run; 35 years after Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope.

Having been in charge of the school’s run for the past 11 years, Mr. Fox ran this year’s event as well. The run began at 9:30 am, when students were called down by grade to the cafeteria. There, they watched a video about Terry’s life and listened to a brief presentation by the MGCI Cancer Society. Afterwards, the students walked or ran the 3 km route that went through the valley next to the Ontario Science Centre, through ET Seton Park, and back to the school. Students of the Grade 11 Leadership class helped run the event by directing students along the route, and encouraging runners along the way. One of the leadership students, Afra Patel, supports the cause because Terry Fox “did a lot for Canada. He spent his dying months raising money for cancer research.”

MGCI established a fundraising goal of $3500. Homeroom teachers began collecting donations a week before the run, asking each student to contribute a “Toonie for Terry”. SAC held a henna stand in the cafeteria throughout the week, charging $1 for a design. On the day of the event, SAC charged students $1 to participate in other activities in the cafeteria and gym. They had the opportunity to participate in a donut eating contest, a basketball three-point shot competition, and a game of musical chairs. The large crowds that gathered around the activities indicated the success of the events. 100% of the proceeds from SAC’s activities and student donations will go directly to the Terry Fox Foundation. It has not yet been determined how much money was raised.

Overall, the Terry Fox Run was a rewarding experience. The run allowed students to enjoy the weather outside with their peers, and raised awareness about Terry’s accomplishments and his cause. Mr. Fox believes that Terry Fox would “be proud to see people from all over the world partaking in something he started 35 years ago and keeping his dream alive.”