If you’ve dropped by the SAC office recently, you may have noticed that it’s sporting a new look. While renovations of this sort typically aren’t cheap, SAC was very conservative with its spending to complete this aesthetic makeover. SAC Treasurer Jerry Wu informed The Reckoner that the cost of the entire operation summed up to only $75.25. Conscious of their own budget, the student council sought out cheaper alternatives to the usual renovation methods. A couch was purchased second-hand for from Goodwill, and despite being a bit worn out, gives the office a homey feel. Two locks were also purchased to help secure the office, and donations of furniture such as chairs contributed to the renovation as well. The walls, doors and windows were freshly painted using both newly purchased paint and excess paint left over from previous school events. The SAC renovation should serve as a model of efficiency for other student-run organizations.

Photo: Jackie Ho

The SAC office is a place where interested students can come to inquire about school events, participate in fundraisers, sign up for school activities and offer their opinions. The student council also acts as a liaison between the students and the school administration. It’s important that the presentation of the office reflects what it does for the school: providing a hub where students can receive information and give SAC feedback. An ugly, messy office does not give off the vibe that the students’ opinions are being valued, or that the office should even be taken seriously in the first place. Because of this, the new look is a welcome addition.

Renovations haven’t been previously considered because of cost and the fact that it would be hard to fit a renovation into the budget. However, this time student council was able to collect furniture donations and made used purchases instead of buying brand new, saving a significant amount of money. Student volunteers also lent a hand in the project, doing things like painting and cleaning up. This renovation shows how student council can successfully achieve its goals while keeping a smart eye on the amount of money involved. Unfortunately, overspending and wasteful management of budgets isn’t uncommon in many schools and student councils alike, so it is comforting to see that the Marc Garneau student council is still able to think critically when it comes to financial management.

Last semester, the effects of the labour dispute caused many high schools to withdraw extracurriculars, including Marc Garneau. As a result, SAC was able to draw from unused resources, providing them with an expanded budget for second semester. Despite this, SAC chose to be conservative in their spendings even though they could have gotten away with spending a bit more on themselves. This responsibility with spending is helping direct money to where it should be going: to clubs and school events. It is nice to see that this ideological model is being followed by SAC, something today’s governments are trouble with.

The renovation of the SAC office is a welcome gift in many senses. SAC has demonstrated their willingness to cooperate, their responsibility to the school and their prudent sense of expenditure. These are traits that today’s governments should strive for.