Be not afraid.

…did you not hear? Be not afraid.

Really? How interesting. We didn’t know. Apologies for the misleading words.

Forgive us. It’s been so long since we interacted with an…individual.

The fascination of a prey animal? Oh, you delight us.

We do mean it in that sense. Or perhaps we do not. It hardly matters, when you can communicate every nuance. Language is so limited, in that way.

We don’t wish to harm you. We wish to do anything but, simply assist you.

Oh? A question? Very well, let us consider.

Why, we wish for you to add yourself to our consciousness.

We won’t demand you do so, of course. We shall never force ourselves upon you.

We cannot comprehend the concept. It will happen or it will not, and we do not determine that, although we may influence it.

It’s simply that every member who has joined improves us, improves themselves.

And who are you, or who will you be, to say you have done wrong?

Who will you have hurt? Yourself? Is that a crime? Should it be?

If a part of your whole, the worst part of you, is wrong, surely it’s in excess to punish the whole? And if you only punish the part, is it not the same as doing nothing at all?

Do you have a reason to live? Does the whole world have a reason to live? Should you not make yourself a part of the greater whole?

I understand this may be overwhelming, so perhaps you should take a moment to–

That was a quick decision. But very well, then. The door shall remain open for you.

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