Deep inside your brain, past the clusters of neurons controlling all your body movements and triggering all your logical thinking, lies the home of countless Maybes. This diminutive hollow is the home of innovation and thought. It is here, where Maybes thrive in a pink mass known as your frontal cortex, and propagate themselves throughout your vast consciousness.

A Maybe is a creature that lives in your brain. Its life always begins with a spark of ambition and wonder, instigated by human contemplation. The creation of Maybes occur all around the globe, and usually begin with the same set of circumstances: a person, having realized a newfound interest, envisions an ambitious possibility for their future.

‘I seem to really like biology, maybe I will study medicine in university.’

‘I think I did well at the try-outs today, maybe I’ll make the soccer team.’

‘I’m becoming very dedicated to dance, maybe I can become a professional dancer.’

Maybes are desired outcomes that seem improbable in the present. They range from winning Olympic titles to making school teams. In every case, a Maybe has only one goal: to become a Reality.

As they age, Maybes remain in the shadows of your thoughts, pressuring you to “do better”, and acting as a reminder of your wistful aspirations. Don’t feel like studying? A Maybe will remind you of that test you wanted a good mark on. Having an off day at a team practice? A Maybe will help you visualize your goal, and help you persevere. Maybes pump motivation and determination through your veins, so that you might reach your destination.

They rely on encouragement and hard work. Encouragement can be found everywhere, but hard work is up to you. Success is one percent inspiration, and ninety nine percent perspiration. No matter how gifted you may be, effort trumps all. If you would like a healthy and fully fed Maybe, do not depend on praise from others to feed it: it will always be hungry. Use diligence as its integral diet. Do not worry about overfeeding; the growing capacity of a Maybe is infinite.

However, there are those who do not tend to their Maybes. If not taken care of properly, a Maybe can perish. They are typically killed in one of two ways: by discouragement from others, or discouragement from the owner. This can happen in many forms, but they all revolve around the owner’s incapability to nourish their Maybe. Sometimes, the owner’s friends may express skepticism when confided in. If the owner allows the discouragement to affect their belief in the Maybe, this statement will definitely impede the Maybe’s growth. Other times, the owner may experience a small failure and think themselves inadequate. Slowly, the Maybe will become emaciated and shrivelled up. As a Maybe loses its strength, its influence upon your consciousness will shrink as well. Its amiable and motivational voice will slowly fade away. Eventually, the Maybe will cease to exist, and will be unable to pass into Reality. Memories reminiscent of its existence may remain, but these memories will never have enough power to motivate you as much as the original Maybe did.

The sad truth is that Maybes are an endangered species. Although millions are born each day, even more die. Many owners of Maybes treat them as ‘silly’ or ‘unreachable’, even rather cumbersome.

What these owners do not understand is that any negative feelings towards Maybes stem from the fear of failure. The owners may think themselves incapable of such incredible feats, and will find satisfaction in being strictly ordinary. They fail to realize that the Maybes they shun originate from their own subconscious dreams.

When you encounter a Maybe, know that cultivating it will result in your happiness and self-fulfillment. They exist in this world as a result of human aspiration, and it is best to pursue as many as possible.

No one can tell you which Maybes you can or cannot pursue. It is your life, and they are your Maybes. Feed them well, love them, cherish them, but most importantly, believe in them.