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At its core, the Game of Life is a game of learning and choice. You use your knowledge to make choices. Your objective is to achieve your win condition by the end of the game. The game is auto-saved.

The player

This game is a fully immersive experience, which means that you, as the player, are also the character in this game world. Many actions that are required are automated, such as breathing and blinking. However, if you are unfortunate enough to be affected by a health-damaging status, then these actions may be impeded. You are able to control how you move subconsciously, and more advanced skills such as talking are learned.


You have a plethora of stats, skills, and levels. The most important one is your health. If this drops to zero, it is game over. There are an uncountable number of ways that this can happen, and one of your most important goals is to stay alive and keep that health bar as full as possible. You can achieve this by collecting items such as food or buying them with in game currency. Currency may vary from territory to territory.

You also have subcategories related to health, such as emotional or mental health. Interacting with other characters in this game as well as completing quests or activities will either increase or decrease these.

Your age level will increase as long as your health is not zero. As you age, certain skills and abilities may be upgraded or downgraded.

Everyone is born with certain stats and levels built into them. You’ll find that as you continue to learn and acquire new skills and abilities, some skills are easier to level up than others. This may be because of your proficiency in certain areas, your background, your environment, your interaction with other players, your personality, and other factors. Learning your strengths and weaknesses will be crucial to your strategy in winning, as you’ll need to choose between easily increasing your strengths or spending more time patching up your weaknesses. Your stats will almost always have a max level, at which point you’ll no longer be able to upgrade them.

The game world

This particular game world is made of complex organisms and terrain, situated in a vast universe. The world you live in is called Earth. Please refer to territorial rules and guidelines for more in depth information on how your game works in the area you reside in.


As you may have noticed, this game is quite popular. Billions of people play it, with the number of players growing each year. To you, the main character, not all of them will be relevant to your main mission. Of course, you’ll only be able to meet a fraction of the characters in this world, but it’s your choice as to who (out of those that you meet) you want as your companions. Some players may just seem like NPCs to you, and you might treat them as such.

One of your earliest allies may be your guardians. The more time and commitment you give to a character, the more emotional attachment you may feel. This may come to dictate your choices, so that your choice increases their emotional stats.

Remember – each of your choices, no matter how small, may affect someone else’s game. But at the same time, remember that this is YOUR journey. If it helps, you may want to treat non-allies as simply NPCs. Their actions are rarely personally directed towards you, so don’t be afraid to interact with them.


Your game will end when your health reaches zero.

Your Mission

Each person has their own mission and win condition. To some, it may be to explore as much of the game world as possible. To others, it may be to help design the world. Some may want to destroy the world, while others just want to complete the side quests. Still others do not know their missions, and may choose to try and find it, or play a game with no purpose. Either way, when the game comes to an end, you’ll want to assess for yourself whether you won or lost. The game itself is very unpredictable – your particular game might end tomorrow, or years from now. But before then, play to win. If you don’t, you’ll only be able to hope that there’s an extra life system in place.


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Photo: Sigmund on Unsplash.com