Out of all the clubs at MGCI, Star Wars Club is perhaps one of the most passionate and enthusiastic. Held every Thursday at lunch in Portable 4, Star Wars Club has an open door for anyone and everyone with even a mild appreciation of the Star Wars franchise. The members are welcoming and inviting, especially to new members.

 Members gather around a table to discuss star-wars related topics. Photo: Kai Huang

Members gather around a table to discuss star-wars related topics. Photo: Kai Huang

The meetings usually start with all members gathering in a tightly knit circle around a table, excited to discuss events displayed in previous episodes.The members often initiate conversations from exciting events that occurred in the series. At times, members disagree with each otherbut that’s just part of the club. Star Wars provides everyone with a common ground to discuss opinions on characters, storylines, changes in the plot, and predictions for what might happen next. A good number of Star Wars jokes and puns are also sprinkled into the conversations, of which all members are very appreciative of.

Some members claim to be “die-hard” fans; they have multiple Darth Vader masks and Lightsabers in their collection of Star Wars merchandise. Many members in the Star Wars Club opted to see the recently-released movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens together. This allowed them to share their views and thoughts about the movie immediately afterward. When asked what they thought about the movie, the group erupted into numerous separate conversations that led to heated arguments. One thing the group could collectively agree upon was that they thought the movie was “Okay, but nothing special.” Some members commented that they would rather have seen more advancements in the plot and creativity rather than just rebooting the old movies and paralleling the original. Other members agreed that the special effects alone made the movie worth watching. The club unanimously responded by saying that they had higher expectations for the movie overall.

“The movie is great for people who haven’t watched the original Star Wars series,” said Kai Huang, a club member.

The meeting was concluded with the bell ringing midway through a passionate conversation about plot holes in the recent movie. Club members planned future discussions on the director of the next film, its cast, and potential plot developments. Whether it is regarding the Jedi, Luke Skywalker, or the Death Star, every meeting brings a new discussion. At the Star Wars club, the force will be with youalways.