You may have noticed the weather over the last few days. It’s been quite nice. Perfect weather for lunch outside, for bike rides afterschool, for bouncy castles and popcorn on the back field… The kind of weather that makes you want to stay out late with your friends, laughing as the heat of the day slowly goes cold. It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to forget, even if just for a short while, that school exists.

Yes, we’ve begun to emerge from the caves we’ve been living in all winter; the breeze on our faces is drawing us away from homework and into the sunlight. But we can’t go out, not just yet, not quite. We’re still being graded; we still have over a month of school, still have exams and summatives. We still have work to do. If you’re anything like me, the school year has begun to wear on you. The weight of homework and university preparations and maintaining good grades is getting to be just a little tiny bit too heavy to carry.

We still have a ways to go and more homework to do before we’re done. But we can make it. Just 32 more school days until all of the exams are over. You can practically count that number on your fingers. 32 school days. Summer, and the freedoms that come with it, are just around the bend. So go do your homework outside in the park, open a window while you sit at your desk, take a little bit longer to enjoy the sunshine on your walk home from school. Just 32 school days. Summer, and the bittersweet end of another school year, will be here before you know it.