The Grade Tens went to Algonquin this week. They learned lots of that nerdy science stuff.

Everyone had fun and it was a great time all around. No one got mauled by a bear, so it was quite the success.

But! If these little bitty grade tens had really wanted to learn something they should have done Algonquin the hard way, really gotten the full Algonquin experience.

First they would have needed to find an outfitters, (Algonquin outfitters is rather good), and rented some canoes.

Then they would have had to paddle to their campsite with all their gear.

Whatever, there may have been a blip where they got lost and had to portage up a mountain but no one ever gets hurt that bad.

They had it easy what with seniors setting up tents. If they wanted the REAL experience they’d do it in the pouring rain and love every minute of it

Then they’d hunt bugs when they realized they’d left the food barrels on shore.

When the trip is over they’d have to bring the canoes back to the outfitters.

But the REAL REAL BEST BEST part of Algonquin is that it keeps you coming back for more.