It’s pregnant with beauty-

the colour of the sky.

Not any hue of blue,

But only the one that puts you in that mood.

The mood where you want to do nothing,

but listen to music.

Sing along as he,

steps on the gas.

Drive away to the mountains with your beloved.

Get lost, while the sun,

dances on your lover’s cheeks.

His eyes gleam,

radiating such colours,

like little gems through a kaleidoscope.

My lover is my treasure chest.

Oh, how his hair feels through my fingers.

silk threads could not compare.

Get out and,

We leave the past on the path we’ve walked here.

I see my red lips on you.

I see your unbuttoned shirt.

I see us nervously teasing.

We’re laughing as we chase each other.

In the woods,

the sun is about to fall.

Just as I do,

in your arms and fallen leaves.