Ms. Liebster. Image: Susie Liu

Ms. Liebster, a Vice Principal at Marc Garneau, has been transferred to Martingrove C.I. Her last day was 29 June 2018. To commemorate her time at Garneau, the Reckoner interviewed her for a Staff Feature.

Q: How long have you worked at Garneau?

A: Since February 2010.

Q: What led you to work at Garneau?

A: I was transferred here from R.H. King

Q: What did you do before you became a Vice Principal?

A: I taught math and computer and I was also a guidance counsellor.

Q: Why did you choose to pursue a career in this field?

A: That’s a really good question and I’m still not a hundred percent sure why. I went into teaching because I like working with kids and I like being able to teach. I think I went into being a Vice Principal because I was able to do more of that.

Q: What’s the funniest thing that has happened in your career?

A: I can’t think of anything that tops what happened at my previous school. A kid fell through the ceiling right in front of the office. We didn’t actually see it – we just found an unconscious kid on the floor, and we saw the hole in the ceiling. We couldn’t figure out what had happened until we realized he was probably trying to crawl through the ceiling. But these ceilings aren’t meant to support anything, and so it broke and he fell. So we called his mom and told her there had been an accident, and she said, “He probably did something stupid, didn’t he?”

Q: What is your favourite part of Garneau and what will you miss the most?

A: I will miss the community that this school is in; I love this immigrant community the school is in where everybody’s starting out and trying to move ahead, and trying to create a new place and a new life for themselves here. I think it’s really really exciting because these are all the people that are going to redefine what is Canada in the future.

Q: What is the hardest part of your job?

A: The hardest part of my job is being strict and being mean when I really don’t want to be, but I think it’s my role that I have to be.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?

A: Don’t sit on the cafeteria tables!

Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: The best part of my job is going to commencement and watching the kids that have actually worked really hard and are finished high school and are moving on.

Q: What is the biggest or most common mistake you see high school students make?

A: They focus on only one thing they want to do as they move through when the reality is there’s tons of choices out there they’re not even aware of. So I always tell kids, “have a Plan B and not everything will always work, but just be open and flexible to whatever comes at you and just work with it.”

Q: Do you have any advice or parting words for students?

A: My parting words for students would be to just go ahead with your lives, and have fun, and enjoy it, even if you think something may be really boring try it out to see if it’s a new experience and just move forward. High school is only a small part of your life.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

A: I play the fiddle because it makes me smile and it’s fun. The music is very cheerful.

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Pretty much anything (laughs). I love food. I love to try anything, there’s nothing specific

Q: What message would you like to leave students with?

A: I wish you all the best and I know you’re ultimately going to land where you’re going to land and do well.