NOTE: Following reports of voter fraud and ballot compromise, the results below were cancelled on 27 May. A re-election was planned for later that week.
Below are the official election results for MGCI’s 2013-2014 Student Activity Council:
President: Nabeel Ahsen
Vice President: Barkhaa Talat
Athletic Convenor: Michelle Nyamekye
Chairperson: Muhammad Farooqui
Clubs Convenor: Kashfi Manji
Equity Representative: Maria Kashif
External Affairs Officer: Uwais Patel
Social Convenor: Jaffer Bakhari
Social Justice Representative: Maheen Sani
Special Events Convenor: Freshtah Akbari
Spirit Convenor: Khadija Aziz
Treasurer: Jerry Wu
The Reckoner offers its congratulations to the electees. Due to a voting mistake, the votes for Graduation Convenor will be recast on Friday 24 May.