Ms. McIsaac held Student Success Workshops from 11 to 17 October. Photo: Justin Ye

From Tuesday 11 October to Monday 17 October, Ms. McIsaac held several Student Success Workshops in Garneau’s East York Room. The workshops were held during periods 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 consecutively over five school days, so all students would have the chance to attend during their spares. The purpose of the workshops was to help students foster good study habits.

Ms. McIsaac plans to hold a week of success workshops every month, with a different focus each month. The October workshops covered topics such as agendas and binder organization to give students a good start to the year. The topics will be more focused on study habits when the exam season arrives. Ms. McIsaac also hopes to introduce one-on-one Student Success Sessions as the workshops get busier, so she can address more individualized needs.

Some students missed October’s workshops because their spare did not coincide with any of the scheduled sessions. To address the issue, workshops should be held on periods 1, 2, 2, 4, and 4 over five consecutive days to cater to those with alternating spares. Another reason for the low attendance at October’s workshops was the lack of advertisement; most of the student body was unaware of the resources offered in the East York Room.

Ms. McIsaac says, “I am planning to advertise [the workshops] more, do some announcements. Hopefully it works out.”

For students who need help with organizing their work, completing homework on time, getting tips for how to study efficiently, and related issues, these workshops are the perfect opportunity. Schedule Student Success Workshops are indicated on the MGCI School Calendar for those interested.