Dr. Michaels, I’m having trouble sleeping lately. I lie awake for hours just thinking about all the things i need to do the next day. I have four English projects, a test in Math, some books to read, a family dinner next weekend. I have to go out and buy presents for my brother, for my mom, for my grandparents, for my secret Santa. I have no one to text because they’re all busy too, so I stress about not talking to people. Am I acting too antisocial? Should I force conversation? And I just lie there every night just worrying about how much time I’m wasting while not sleeping.

I see.

And then in the morning I wake up from my three hour sleep not feeling any better. And then I worry about what to wear for school. So I spend a good ten minutes staring at my closet and then remember I had a volleyball practice half an hour ago. So I just throw on the first thing I see, and fly out the door. but then the stupid TTC is late again. And then I stress about not only being late for volleyball but being late for school. And my whole life is school right now. Should I drop some activities? Maybe swimming? I’m not any good anymore anyways.

Mhmm. Interesting.

Everything is just so frustrating! University applications are coming up. I have three scholarships on the go that aren’t yet on the go. I should start those. I’m worried I won’t have enough money to get in. If I even get in, in the first place. Work is becoming less and less I’m taking way fewer shifts. And I’m not making very much money and my pay check hasn’t come in the mail yet. What if they lost it? How am I going to pay for all those Christmas presents? Is there anything you can do to help? Is there any cure for stress?

No not really. Your hour’s up.