Despite the best efforts of staff members and SAC to raise funds for the annual Spring Fling, the event has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

Spring Fling was to be located at 76 Overlea Boulevard, in the community centre attached to St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Church. The dance was to occur on 1 May, a Friday, from 7:00-11:00 pm.

The event was advertised through word of mouth, frequent announcements, posters, as well as social media. The online campaign began with the creation of a Facebook page dedicated to the school event on 1 April. The Facebook page of MGCI Student Council made an announcement on 19 April. An additional reminder was made on 22 April by Mr. Sharp stating that if ticket sales did not increase, the dance would be cancelled.

This year, Spring Fling tickets cost $15, the same price at which they were sold last year. A total of 41 tickets were sold, with a sale of 200 tickets minimum required to break even. The low ticket sales could be attributed in part to the restriction of students who did not attend Winterfest from buying tickets to the dance.

Spring Fling was first introduced two years ago, led by Lola Wazir, current president Maria Kashif, and former Social Convenor Fahmi Rahman. Over 250 tickets were sold that year, and the general reception among students was positive. Last year, under the name D-Frost Dance, the Spring Fling sold over 200 tickets. Reception was again positive, and students praised it for offering more time for dancing as compared to semi-formal, due to the removal of a sit-down dinner component. Instead of making the dance available only to students who had attended Winterfest, students were instead given a $5 discount for attending Winterfest.

Uneasiness regarding the Spring Fling dance sprung from the poor ticket sales of the annual semi-formal dance on 4 December of last year. Of the 300 tickets available, only 162 were sold. 200 were required to break even and the deficit was eventually paid for using the SAC budget.

A suggestion was put forth by Maria Kashif, student council president, and Lydia Gouveia, student council social convener, to move Spring Fling in the cafeteria. The goal was to encourage participation among all the grades, as past dances showed a higher participation in the senior years. Citing a safety issue, Ms. Goldenberg ruled out this option, and the dance was cancelled.

Arshiya Bawajir, a grade 12 student intending on attending the dance, said “I think administration should’ve realized that their Winterfest rule makes it really hard for students to participate. One, it makes it seem like Winterfest is more of a punishment than an actual fun school event, and second, even if the dance couldn’t take place in the hall, moving it to the cafe the way they do the grade nine dance would’ve still been nice. It would’ve been fun being able to hang out with all the grades since the turn out for semi this year was mainly seniors.”-