The newly-introduced Spring Fling dance was held at the Thorncliffe Banquet Hall on 1 May. The event was sold out with over two hundred fifty students in attendance. DJ ASE hosted the night from 6 to 9 PM, while refreshments and desserts were served at the back. The event was organized by Student Council’s Lola Wazir, Maria Kashif, and Fahmi Rahman with support from vice-principal Mr. Sharp.

Lola Wazir, who lead the organization of the event discussed her drive to organize the event: “I wanted to show Garneau that their Student Council does a lot, and a dance was the perfect way to show that!”

The event also served as a replacement for the Athletic Banquet, which was cancelled due to the extra-curricular hiatus at the beginning of the year. The success of the night was owed to the convenience of Thorncliffe Banquet Hall and the inexpensive tickets priced at ten dollars.

Some complained about the DJ’s excessive use of the horn sound effect, the frequent music pausing, and the skylight which kept the hall partially lit, but the prevailing response to the night was positive.

“I thought it was pretty fun and it was nice to have one last dance like this before prom and graduation,” commented Grade 12 student Robin Nyamekye.