On 18 May 2017, the semi-annual Arts Night was held at MGCI to showcase the accomplishments of Garneau’s arts students. The event was held from 6:30 to 8:30 pm and featured students from school arts courses as well as extracurricular music clubs. There were a total of eight performances as well as a display of art made by students.

Arts Night is a traditional event that provides students with a chance to display the art skills they have acquired over the semester. The arts courses involved in the performance included Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Dance, Music-Band, Music-Guitar, and Music-Keyboard. Furthermore, extracurricular clubs, including, Concert Band, Teacher Band, Choir, and Art Club, also presented their work. Mr. Sharp, a vice-principal who supervised and performed in the occasion, said, “There have been some great performers as well as artwork.”

During the intermission at 7:30 pm, the MGCI visual art classes presented their artwork in the galleria and studio. Spectators could also participate in a quick sketch competition of Ms. Liebster and vote on art pieces.

Many participants invited their parents and friends, and tickets were sold at three dollars each or five dollars for two tickets. When Ephem Mulugeta, an audience member, was asked about his impression of the night, he said, “It’s been pretty good and I’ve had a lot of fun. The performances were really great but maybe they could have put the word out more so more people would come.”

Performers also enjoyed the event and felt satisfied with their efforts. Ubaid Rehman, a performer in a dance, said, “I enjoyed the energy out there and it’s nice to be part of it all.” The night ended with a dance by Garneau’s dance club, Diversity Crew.

Overall, Arts Night was a success: it included interesting performances, beautiful art displays, and an enthusiastic audience. While the night could have been better advertised to attract a larger audience, the people who did attend found it enjoyable.