From 23 March to 29 March, the Marc Garneau Student Activity Council (SAC) held its third Spirit Week of the school year. Over the course of Spirit Week, students were invited to dress up in accordance with unique themes and participate in various activities. Students also competed to earn house points which teachers recorded by tallying up the number of participants for each house during first period.

As the week was cut short due to the Easter holiday, the first day of Spirit Week began on Friday the week before, with the theme being Pyjama Day. On Friday morning, students and teachers came dressed to school wearing their PJs. Pyjama Day was also used to encourage more people to be involved with SCAW Night, an overnight sleepover event held by MGCI Key Club.

On Monday, Spirit Week continued with MGCI Apparel Day. Students were encouraged to wear school apparel and represent their clubs and teams.

The next day, many students came dressed in identical outfits as their friends in the spirit of Twin Tuesday. SAC also rewarded participants by giving out candy on the second and third Spirit Days.

Students in matching outfits on Twin Tuesday.
Photo: Russel Ijaya

Wednesday was House Colour Day, and students wore colours representing their respective houses (red, blue, yellow, and green) to earn points.

Students representing different houses on House Colour Day. Photo: Russell Ijaya

The final theme for Spirit Week was Jersey Thursday. Students were invited to show off their jerseys in support of their favourite players and teams. With help from the Athletic Committee, SAC hosted a students vs teachers basketball game during lunch. The bleachers were packed with students cheering as the game went back and forth. Finally, after very close and intense game, the students team hit a buzzer beater, winning the game with a tight score of 19-18. The event was a thrilling end to Spirit Week and a great success.

SAC continuously advertised Spirit Week through social media updates, posters, and the morning announcements. Pictures of Spirit Week participants were taken and posted daily on various social media platforms to gather interest from students. The posts informed students of Spirit Week themes as well as lunch time activities, such as musical chairs. Prizes and candy were also used to encourage more students to participate.

Although advertisements and incentives contributed to increased participation, Spirit Convenor, Laksikaa Raja, thought the basketball game was the biggest success of Spirit Week: “I have noticed that the use of sports is what really brings students together, so hopefully when the weather gets better we can have many more things planned to further encourage the engagement of students.” She also wishes that the creativity of Spirit Week themes could be improved, and is working with other SAC members to plan new activities and themes for future events. SAC President, Lisa Wang, was also satisfied with the overall turnout for students. However, to improve future Spirit Weeks, Lisa suggested that “having activities accessible to more students around the school, and possibly target students with other interests” could engage even more students.

With only a few months left until the end of the school year, SAC anticipates that students will be more motivated to get involved as it will be their last chance to help raise points for their houses. The students in the house with the most points at the end of the year will be entered into a raffle to earn a prize.