From 18 to 19 November, MGCI’s Key Club hosted its annual fundraising sleepover, the Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW) Night. Formerly in support of the ELIMINATE Project and known as “Eliminate Night”, this year’s sleepover supported a new charity: SCAW. Sleeping Children Around the World is a Canadian organization that believes it is every child’s right to have a good night’s sleep. The organization distributes bed kits to children in 34 developing nations around the world. Each sleepover attendee paid a $25 admission fee, buying a bed kit for a child in need. A total of around $1 400 was raised by Key Club, all of which will be donated directly to SCAW.

Image courtesy of Zaid Baig

Students lounge in the cafeteria during Key Club’s 2016 SCAW Night. Photo: Zaid Baig

Commencing around 5 pm and lasting until 7 am the following morning, this year’s event was attended by close to 60 students. Throughout the night, students participated in various events, including basketball and volleyball games, a Super-Smash Bros tournament, and a midnight dance. Students also had access to the cafeteria and gym for the entire night. They indulged in a variety of foods including pizza, a rice-based dish, and popcorn. Teachers and Kiwanis (Key Club’s parent organization) members volunteered to supervise the students in two shifts.

Jacky Yao, a Grade 11 student, expressed his enjoyment of the night, saying, “Knowing that I was supporting a good cause was a big bonus on top of an already fun evening.” President of MGCI’s Key Club, Yong Da Li, said the event on a whole was successful, but that he wishes “more students would come out and support the cause.” He also expressed his desire to run more group activities for next year’s event, hinting at the possibility of a dodgeball tournament or a larger gaming competition.