“Lydia is dead. But she doesn’t know that yet.” 

Obviously saying that made me realize it still isn’t over. I have the power to bring her back, but part of me didn’t want to. Lydia was all along just another bug in my plan that I had to get rid of, so who could blame me? Oh, how stupid of me, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Anatasia, and all of this will make sense soon. In a short while, everyone’s darling favourite hero is going to come by and stop me, but let’s see how she acts when she finds her best friend laying there, lifeless. 


“Ana- I mean Master, you should really rethink this. You know Nina draws her powers from emotion, seeing her best friend like that won’t end well.” 

“Shut up, you mutant! You’re this close,” I say holding up my fingers so close they’re almost touching, “to getting on my last nerve. And the human body has like a billion of them.” I let out a heavy breath. “I know what I’m doing.” Obviously I didn’t always run my mouth like that, it’s just sort of an in-the-moment type of thing. Milo and I have been friends for a long time and we both have the same goals in life. The difference here is that he is powerless and I have all the power I need. At the end of the day, we all just want to be the hero. 


The front doors of my lair burst open, crashing into the tall metal walls. Out there stood a dark muscular figure, but the stance she took emphasized how little strength she had left. 

“Nina,” I say. “What a pleasure to see you! I really thought you would be here sooner, but I can understand not everyone is a fast flier. Perhaps you’re finally visiting for a lesson of yours truly.” A nasty but satisfying smirk stretches across my face. 

“Where is she?” she says standing even taller. 

“Whoever do you speak of?” I ask her.

“Anatasia, tell me where Lydia is. This isn’t a game.” Oh, but it surely felt that way to me. 

“Obviously someone as manipulative as you would say such a cheesy line. Nina, we know who the bad guy here really is, and I don’t want to fight you. But someone has to teach you a lesson.” I say lifting myself from the ground, my hands start to burn and create this power no other human can. 

“Ana please, I’m your si-” 

“No don’t you ‘Ana please’ me,” I say screaming at the top of my lungs. “And don’t you dare call me your sister. You’ve lost every right since that night. You took everything from me, so now I’ve done the same.” I lower myself to the ground and show her Lydia’s lifeless body lying on the cold ground of my lair. 

Yes, Nina and I were sisters, one of a kind twins with powers like ours, but she was going to soon regret everything she ever did to me. She runs over to Lydia’s cold body, while her body is on fire. She shot a piercing look at me, her eyes were swollen, her lips were quivering uncontrollably. 

“Heroes don’t do this.” she cried. 

“Well then maybe,” I whispered, as I lifted the gun to her head, “I like the sound of a villain better.

Photo: Andy Watkins on Unsplash.com