On 16 February 2016, SAC held the first Tuesday Café of 2016. Implemented two years ago, Tuesday Café is a SAC initiative to encourage school spirit. Students had the opportunity to sign up and showcase their talents in the cafeteria. Organized by the Grade 11 Representative, Zainab Bokhari, this Tuesday Café featured three acts: Zainab Bokhari and Jason Rosa performing “Like I’m Going to Lose You” by Meghan Trainor, Summeyah Yahya singing “Drag Me Down” by One Direction, and Izzy Collins performing a guitar solo.

Photo: Valiant Chan

A student performs on stage in the cafeteria. Photo: Valiant Chan

The students in the cafeteria were an extremely enthusiastic crowd and supportive of those onstage. While the first two acts ran very smoothly, there were a few technical difficulties during the third act, resulting in an abrupt end. Despite this, the crowd cheered uproariously for the three acts.

Tuesday Café will be a weekly occurrence during the colder months as it provides a source of entertainment for students during lunch. “All acts are encouraged, and are not limited to singing and dancing,” said Zainab. The next Tuesday Café will be held the coming Tuesday, 23 February.