40.5 Million

People live in slavery, according to a recent report by The Why Foundation. The slave trade permeates every part of our society, from the Central American children forced to pick the cocoa that goes into your chocolate, to the Congolese forced labourers who mine the Tantalum in your cell phone.


12 Pipe Bombs

Were sent to various Trump critics this week. The explosive devices were sent to various high profile politicians and Democratic donors, including the Obamas, the Clintons, and the New York CNN offices. No one was hurt, and a suspect is in custody.


$10M Dollar Reward

Is being offered for whoever can solve the murders of Barry and Honey Sherman, one of Canada’s richest couples. The family grew frustrated with the ongoing police investigation after they ignored several key pieces of evidence early on, initially refusing to even categorize it as a homicide.


Up to 1000

According to a recent White house document, that’s how many troops the Trump administration is planning to send to the southern border to intercept the “caravan” of Central American migrants, who are fleeing horrible violence in their home countries.


930 miles

In brighter news, there’s a 930 mile long cloud that just appeared on Mars you guys! The cloud is largely made of water ice, and is hanging over the volcano Arsia Mons. Is it aliens? Almost certainly not. Is it an eruption? Well the volcano hasn’t erupted for 50 million years, so that’s a no. What is it then? Well the volcano is just so incredibly massive, that the cloud is a 930 mile long rain shadow!