Illustration: Roger Li


Pro Bono Ontario, a legal aid charity, was about to shut down its 3 free legal aid clinics in Ontario due to lack of funds, when it suddenly received a $525K deluge of funding from the federal government and lawyers all over Ontario. The clinics provide free legal advice to their clients on everything from murder cases to housing disputes, helping 25,400 people obtain access to justice in the last year. The province currently provides no funding to the organization, even though it saves them almost $5M a year by increasing efficiency in the judicial system. [CBC]



The Asian Carp is an invasive species that has ravaged the Mississippi and Illinois rivers, as the carp uproot the underwater vegetation that local ecosystems depend on. If the carp reach the great lakes, it would put at risk the $7B Great Lakes fishing industry. That’s why the US Army Corps of Engineers is spending $778M on a dam designed to keep the carp out of Lake Michigan, using an electric barrier, noisemakers, and a constant wall of air bubbles to discourage the fish. We will keep out invasive fish, and make the carp pay for it![CBC]


12 m

Last year, BC sprayed 12812 Hectares of forest with pesticide to eradicate broadleaf trees like Aspen and Birch. The province mandates this mass culling in order to make room for more valuable species like Pine and Fir. They may be regretting that decision now, as the same broadleaf trees they’ve been culling are also extremely fire resistant, a strange irony in a province wracked by massive forest fires.


1400 kg

He hails from the Australian outback. He’s 6’4”. He weighs 1400kg. He’s so big he can’t be killed. He is Knickers, the world’s favourite steer. Sure there may be bigger, or more muscular bovines, but Knickers will always occupy the biggest place in my heart. Please watch the video. [The Guardian]



According to a recent tweet by the Paramedics’ Union, on one day there were only 16 ambulances available in the entire city at 3:30 AM. That’s only one ambulance for every 175,000 people. There have been several instances where zero ambulances were available, meaning people who need access to emergency services would have been left waiting with no one available to help them. The response time for an ambulance is supposed to be only 8 minutes. But the city reassuringly tells us that there is no problem. [CBC]