On 11 January 2016, Marc Garneau’s Junior and Senior Girl’s Volleyball team faced off against Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute in the MGCI gymnasium. While the Senior Girl’s Volleyball team lost their matches, the Junior Team claimed a victory of 2 to 0 sets.

The Junior Team was called down at 2:30 pm and excused from their last period classes. The 16 players spent half an hour warming up their serves, passes and hits before the match officially commenced at 3:00. With an undefeated season, hopes for a Junior Team victory were high.

The first set was clearly dominated by Marc Garneau. Powerful serves and a solid defense kept Danforth’s team at bay. The girls easily took the set with a score of 25-11. The second set started off similarly; MGCI led 11-0 before a failed serve ended their streak. Marc Garneau didn’t lose their momentum, however, and scored another eight consecutive points by which time Garneau’s starters were slowly being substituted out. Although the substitutes had a more difficult time facing off against Danforth’s starters, the team spirit never wavered. The final score for the second set was 25-18, giving Garneau the match victory.

Despite the win, Coach Marlon believed there were still many areas of improvement to work on. He commented after the game, “Where we need most improvement would be in our communication. Sometimes we are on the court, and just don’t call or speak when we should, which makes us lose points we shouldn’t have trouble with.”

Following the Junior Team’s victory, MGCI’s Senior Girl’s Volleyball Team began their match with Danforth’s seniors. The Senior Team had a weaker start, and lost several points early on. Garneau did their best to minimize this point deficit. Unfortunately, Danforth eventually pulled ahead off a series of strong serves and won the set with a score of 25-12. During the second set, Danforth once again defeated Garneau with a score of 25-8, taking the match.

MGCI’s Senior Girl’s Volleyball Team played a game against Danforth CI on 11 January 2017. Photo: Jenna Wong

Captain of the Senior team, Lisa Wang, attributed the loss to a lack of practice time. She said, “Our performance wasn’t as great as it could’ve been; the two weeks off for break definitely affected our game.” Despite this she was still positive, “While we might not have attained the standings or wins we would’ve liked, I’m proud of how we’ve progressed as a team.”

The season started in November and Garneau’s team has been working hard ever since. Both teams have two practices every week, save for the break. They will be playing again at East York Collegiate Institute next Monday. Playoffs for the TDSB Volleyball season begin on 8 February 2017.