From 1 to 10 March, exclusive senior crewnecks were available for purchase at the SAC office by graduating students of MGCI. Designed by senior students Ayesha Tariq and Barooj Demha, the crewnecks were offered in a variety of colours: black, white, gray, navy blue, and burgundy.

Senior Sweaters were sold in the SAC office from 1 to 10 March. Photo: Matthew Tse

The front of the crewneck featured a cougar with ‘MGCI’ incorporated into its image and ‘seniors’ spelled out beneath. Student could add a personalized message or their name on the back for an additional $2. Early bird pricing was available during the first half-week of sales from 1-3 March, at $25 without customization. After this period, the crewnecks were sold at the regular price of $28 during the following week.

A committee led by Grad Convenor Sana Hatia organized and promoted the apparel sale. Announcements were posted in the Facebook group for graduating students as well as through Snapchat and Instagram. Sana and her team also advertised in person to senior students around the school during lunch, “because not everyone has social media.”

The committee’s efforts paid off, with over one hundred five sweaters sold during the eight days. The proceeds will contribute towards Prom, with Sana predicting that over $800 was fundraised through the crewneck sales: “The process for the sweater sales went great and the committee helped out a lot!”

Some students may recall an earlier proposal for senior varsity jackets to be sold alongside the crewnecks. When asked about why the jacket sales did not happen, SAC External Affairs Officer Yaseen Habib explained that there were concerns from Ms. Goldenberg and the Parent Council regarding the pricing: “There’s a certain amount of sales for us to get the Varsities because it’s ordered in bulk” said Yaseen, “the price points I was getting from the supplier were nearly $100.”

For those who did not get a chance to purchase a senior sweater, Sana has confirmed that they will be sold again at a later date.