After a stressful first semester, students were able to relax with the first dance of the yearthe annual Semi-Formal. Organized by Student Activity Council (SAC) Social Convenor Sumaya Mohammed, over one hundred students arrived at Celebrations Banquet Hall to enjoy a night filled with dancing and food.

SAC promoted the event through morning announcements, Facebook, and Instagram, and also released a promotional video titled “Five Things You Should Know About SEMI-FORMAL 2K19” on Facebook. Students purchased tickets during lunch at the SAC office from 17 January to 8 February. Regular tickets were priced at $33 for MGCI students and $35 for guests, but students who bought tickets before exams got them at the early bird price of $30.

The venue doors opened at 5:30 pm and closed at 6:30 pm, which is when most attendees arrived. Mr. Sharp checked attendees’ water bottles to ensure they were empty after students were caught with alcoholic substances during previous dances this year. Due to unruly behavior at Fall Fest in November, he also prohibited several students from buying tickets for Semi.

Students thought the dance was a huge success, especially after the disappointment of Fall Fest, which was cut short due to unruly students. Image: Justin Ye

Dinner was served at 7:30 pm in a buffet style, after which students had fresh fruit for dessert.  The hall was decorated with heart balloons and petals in celebration of Valentine’s Day, which coincided with the dance this year. Attendees also had the opportunity to take photos in a free photo booth before dinner. Balloons spelling out “SEMI” were also a popular location for photos.

Three rounds of dance-offs occurred; one each for boys, girls, and couples. The best male dancer was Venkat Muthaly, the best female dancer was Gracelyn Shi, and in the couples category, Josephine Davey-Young and Justin Ye prevailed. Each winner received a $25 Cineplex or Visa gift card.

Students competed in one of three dance-offs to win a $25 gift card. Image: Justin Ye

Most people enjoyed the dance; MGCI student Irum Sattar said, “This was my first dance and I didn’t think it would be this fun,” however she wished “there was a larger dance floor,” a sentiment echoed by other students as well.

The event ended at 10:30 pm and students began to leave the venue. Sumaya felt the dance was a success in comparison to Fall Fest because “it lasted longer and there was great audience participation.”

Overall, the event was well-received by staff and students. Ms. Goldenberg said, “It was a great night and everyone was fabulous.” SAC plans to hold its next event, Spring Fling, in April but has not finalized any plans yet.