On 14 October 2014, the results of the semester-long SAC position selections for semester 1 were released. They are as follows:

Grade 9 Representative: Lisa Wang

Grade 10 Representative: Khalida Elsadati

Grade 11 Representative: Ejay Vidad

Grade 12 Representative: Qudrat Ullah

Junior Representative: Zaid Baig

Senior Representative: Shazde Mir

Secretary: Kabi Jaishankar

For the 2014-2015 school year, changes to the SAC  semester-long position’s election process are being made. Rather than being voted on by class representatives, the selections for semestered positions are now made based on an application and interview process. The  class representative system was removed this year.

In addition to these changes, the semester-long Advertising Coordinator position was also removed. Tasks previously associated with this position were reassigned to the Communications Coordinator, Mahad Khokar.

Numerous SAC members believe that this  new system is more equitable and beneficial, both for the candidates, and for the school.

SAC Vice President, Arora Chen, gives insight to what the anonymous voting process was like. She stated that “the names were whited out on the applications and we were left to judge candidates solely based on their profiles.”

Current SAC Social Justice Convener, Jackie Ho, was also fond of the new system. She said that, she “like[s] the new process because it is not based on a popularity vote. The candidates were marked on their application and an interview. During the interviews, SAC was clearly able to see who had great ideas and ask the candidates questions directly.”

Many other SAC members thought that the new system serves to eliminate irrelevant social issues and change the process from a “popularity contest” into a legitimate means of selecting the right candidates.