Thursday afternoon, class representatives, SAC leaders, and candidates for semestered SAC positions gathered in the cafeteria for the Semester 2 SAC Election. Positions such as president and treasurer are voted on by the entire student body in the spring, while the positions of grade representatives, junior and senior representative, secretary, and advertising coordinator are elected once per semester.

Newest members of the SAC for second semester.

Newest members of the SAC for second semester (left to right): Summiya Asif, Khalida Elsadati, Helen Feng, Barkhaa Talat, Mary Getachew, and Eric Su. Photo: Vaibhav Singh

The event was hosted by treasurer Jerry Wu, and saw a good attendance of 40-50 class representatives present. The 18 candidates delivered one minute speeches, beginning with candidates for Grade 9 Representative and ending with candidates for Advertising Coordinator; the positions were then voted on by class representatives. There was a great deal of energy at the event, especially from the lower grades, amongst whom the competition was fiercest.

The Semester 2 SAC positions are as follows:

Grade 9 Representative – Khalida Elsadati

Grade 10 Representative – Helen Feng

Grade 11 Representative – Dhiya Jagota

Grade 12 Representative – Barkhaa Talat

Junior Representative – Eric Su

Senior Representative – Mary Getachew

Secretary – Summiya Asif

Advertising Coordinator – Mara Gagiu

Grade representatives will be responsible for relaying information about student events and issues to their grades, as well as holding monthly meetings with class reps. They will also work together with the rest of SAC in running school-wide initiatives. The Junior and Senior representatives oversee the Grade 9 and 10 and Grade 11 and 12 representatives respectively; in addition, the Junior Representative will attend all parent council meetings and assist the External Affairs Officer, while the Senior Representative will attend all SuperCouncil meetings as well as report the Executive Council. The Secretary will assist the Chairperson in upholding SAC meetings, in addition to taking the minutes of each meeting. The Advertising Coordinator will be responsible for producing promotional materials for SAC, as well as tickets for school events, and handling materials that administration needs distributed to the student body.

Congratulations to all candidates. Non-semestered SAC positions for the next school year will be held in late May.