On 23 October 2017, SciTalk invited Sophia Glisch to talk about her experiences in academics and business to inspire and inform MGCI students. SciTalk is a club dedicated to helping students realize what they want to pursue after high school, focusing primarily on the sciences.

Approximately twenty students gathered in the East York Room after school to learn about Sophia’s journey. The event was advertised through morning announcements and Facebook, as well as by word of mouth. Refreshments were served to encourage student participation.

Sophia is a Garneau graduate who founded her own company, 99Point9, in 2015 while completing her undergraduate degree. Her company focuses on helping university students with standardized tests such as the MCAT and LSAT, exams required for postgraduate studies.

Sophia Glisch presents to students. Photo: Matthew Tse

In her presentation, Sophia covered a variety of topics including how she started her company and what made her successful. Her advice for high school students is to fix any weaknesses they have and get involved in anything even if it is above your level.

When audience member David Waliji was asked how he felt about the event, he said, “I thought it was an insightful and interesting presentation. The event was well planned and I loved the food but the presentation was a bit long.”

Sylvia Chong, an executive member of SciTalk, said, “The event went extremely well and we were pleased with the turnout.” The club is planning on inviting several more speakers and hosting more workshops throughout the year.