Big stuff is going down on November 25th. That’s right. It’s time for Key Club’s annual SCAW event. For those who don’t know, SCAW stands for Sleeping Children Around the World and is one of the main charities Key Club raises funds for. With every $35 donation, SCAW is able to provide a bed kit to children in need. The kits include various items such as a mattress with cover, mosquito netting, school supplies, and clothing. The kits are made locally since they offer employment to local families, help the economy and overall the country . Why bed kits? Murray Dryden, co-founder of SCAW, says that “a bed is a basic right” and that “There is nothing more peaceful than a sleeping child.”

SCAW is completely run by volunteers, meaning every single dollar donated goes to help a child in need. Since the founding of SCAW in 1970, it has helped over one million children and has raised over $23 million. Last year’s MGCI SCAW event held on April 29th raised over $3000, and helped nearly 100 kids in Tanzania.

So why should you attend this year’s SCAW event? Firstly and most importantly, you’re helping an incredible cause. Everyone who participates in SCAW must donate a minimum of $20 . For that $20 you get access to sports tournaments in the gym, a DJ and dance in the staff room, movies, and to top it off, 6 volunteer hours. To all those tenth graders and ninth graders out there, remember you need to have your volunteer hours done before the start of grade eleven! SCAW is a fun and simple way to get them done.

Interested? Good.

Head on over to the SAC office to grab your forms, and get ready for the night of your life.