On 3 May, staff members of The Reckoner’s Second Guard faced off against MGCI Student Activity Council athletes in a spirited game of lunchtime basketball. After several weeks’ postponement because of a faulty gym curtain, the event attracted dozens of students eager to watch members of two of MGCI’s most prominent, student-led organizations face off. The event was co-hosted by senior students Kavishan Pathmanathan and Abdul Houssein, and graciously refereed by Coach Hillman.

In several surprising plays, SAC president Soheil Koushan sank two foul baskets. Senior writer Connor Adair also surprised the crowd, sinking 2 consecutive shots within seconds of one another.

Impressively, Athletic Convener Kaleem Ullah and Social Convener Fahmi Rahman of SAC scored their first shot within seconds after the game began and again after a narrowly-missed shot by Vice President Yanxiu Wu several minutes later. With 15 minutes left in the game, a mix-up on team SAC brought six players on the court, and their three-point shot was discounted. After The Reckoner’s Editor-in-Chief Mahan Nekoui’s frenzied rush on court while changing his pinny, Senior Writer Connor Adair scored two two-point shots and subsequently fell down. His slide, an effort to keep the ball in-bounds, caused no injuries to his person.  The final basket of the game was sank by Social Justice and Equity Chair Robin Nyamenkye, and was greeted by loud cheering from the crowd.

“The game was a great opportunity to have the ‘student voice’ clubs come together out from behind the scenes. SAC played a great game, but I’m also very proud of the paper’s staff,” said Nekoui.

The game’s final score totalled 22-11, SAC.



Correction: A quote from Editor-in-Chief Mahan Nekoui was previously misattributed to Social Justice and Equity Chair Robin Nyamenkye.