SAC Meeting

SAC members meet with classroom and grade representatives to discuss upcoming initiatives.

On 8 April, MGCI SAC held its weekly meeting, this time with class representatives (class reps), after school in the library. The grade representatives were in charge of leading a discussion to inform the class reps of important information to relay to their classes. The absence of many class reps was noted. The meeting continued without disturbances, and the class reps took note of the four items.

Firstly, SAC executive elections will be happening in mid-May. Despite SAC’s attempts to fix an assembly schedule, this year campaigning assemblies will be modified since the cafeteria is occupied during all five periods as study hall. International Show will be taking place on 25 April, and tickets are being sold for $10 each, in the SAC office at lunch. T-shirts are also on sale for $10 each at lunch in the SAC office, until 19 April. Lastly, International Day of Pink will be happening on 10 April. It is an anti-bullying movement, initiated by a student who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. Now its purpose has been expanded to be against not just bullying, but also discrimination, homophobia, and transphobia.

The class representatives’ meeting was concluded and the SAC team began their discussions. 21 April – 26 April will be another Spirit Week, and the SAC vs. Reckoner basketball game will likely occur either Friday 26 April, or sometime during the first week of May.

SAC will be working together to sell t-shirts in the SAC office at lunch. They will be offered for $10 in 15 different colours, and sales will begin 9 April at lunch until 19 April.

International Show will take place on 25 April, lasting from 6 – 9. There will be performances, food, and likely a chocolate fountain. So far there has already been just over 80 sales, and tickets are being sold in the SAC office for $10 during lunch.

For the grade 12s only, prom will be on 31 May, and ticket sales will commence this Tuesday. The Spring Fling Dance for all grades will be on 30 April, probably in a banquet hall near MGCI. The planned time is from 6 – 9pm, and tickets will be around $10. Drinks or snacks will be served to attendees.

Finally, the SAC executive elections take approximately 3 weeks. Forms will be released and collected the week of 29 April. The week after, eligible candidates will be notified. Campaigning week will be the week of 13 – 15 May. SAC proposed possible restrictions on campaigning, which they will discuss further at their next meeting. This is because of concerns over previous years’ extreme campaigning methods.

Mr. Phambri also requested a list of attributes that students from each grade felt they should have achieved by the end of the school year. Discussed by the class reps earlier, the SAC exec members compiled a list of these qualities. Some traits mentioned included adaptability, good work ethics, foresight for post-secondary choices, perseverance, smart time management, maturity, and professionalism. The meeting concluded shortly after clean-up.