SAC members meet at their weekly meeting to discuss upcoming events.

SAC members meet at their weekly meeting to discuss upcoming events.

A recently implemented rule states that every club requesting SAC funding must fill out all parts of a blue form found in the main office, including obtaining a previously unneeded staff signature.

Spirit Week has been moved to the week of 29 April. The week will kick off with a pep rally on Monday, followed by Pajama Day on Tuesday, and “Spring Day” on Wednesday. Thursday will be “School Colour day”. The week will be conclude with a long-awaited SAC vs. Reckoner basketball game.

New regulations in campaigning for SAC elections are being put into effect. Each SAC candidate will only be allowed one banner, which must be reasonably sized; specific dimensions are left to the discretion of SAC. Acceptable sizes for posters are between 8.5 by 11 inches and 12 by 18 inches. There will be a maximum of 50 posters per candidate. Budget-wise, SAC recommends that candidates must not spend more than $20 total, and anything that obviously exceeds this price will be removed. Lastly, candidates running must submit platforms along with their applications, outlining things they intend to complete if they are elected. These will be reviewed by the election committee before campaigning week to ensure that they are reasonable.

Complaints over canceled track and field were discussed. Track and field teams were canceled because there were no staff advisors.

SAC members were reminded that only students on SAC and committee members are allowed in the SAC office, and that at least one SAC member must be in the office at all times. Reports of graffiti on the newly-repainted SAC office walls were an issue of concern.

The Spring Fling dance has been moved to 1 May, and cost about $13 per attendee. There will be security guards present, and drinks and desserts will be served. The dance will be from about 6 to 9PM, and the doors will close at 6:30PM.

Some upcoming SAC events:

  • T-shirts on sale for $10 at lunch in SAC office until 19 April
  • International Show: 25 April
  • Spirit Week: 29 April – 3 May
  • SAC Election Forms Week: 29 April – 3 May
  • Spring Fling Dance: 1 May
  • SAC Elections Campaigning Week: 13 – 15 May
  • Prom: 31 May