This morning, administration announced the results of the SAC election re-vote. The Reckoner congratulates the members of Garneau’s 2013-2014 Student Activity Council:

President: Nabeel Ahsen
Vice-president: Vanessa Du
Athletic Convenor: Michelle Nyamekye
Chairperson: Muhammad Farooqui
Clubs Convenor: Kashfi Manji
Equity Representative: Maria Kashif
External Affairs Officer: Arora Chen
Graduation Convenor: Mariam Sheikh
Social Convenor: Tracey Frimpong
Social Justice Representative: Maheen Sani
Special Events Convenor: Freshtah Akbari
Spirit Convenor: Khadija Aziz
Treasurer: Jerry Wu

Next year’s SAC, less Vanessa Du and Kashfi Manji. Photo: TianYi Ma

With the new Council determined, SAC plans to make several amendments to its constitution in order to “keep up with changing practices,” according to current President Soheil Koushan. This includes adding to the role of the External Affairs Officer the responsibility of acting as a liaison between our school and alumni, as well as setting out a new procedure for executive elections.

One of the options under consideration for next year’s election is the establishment of an online voting system. Vice-Principal Liebster, who managed the re-election this year, stated that administration is “investigating some form of electronic or online voting because it saves a lot of paper, will save us days and days of counting, and hopefully it will be more secure.” Ms. Liebster said that they are also considering using a scanning system to count the votes more efficiently, if the online route is not taken.