On 21 September 2018, the Student Activity Council (SAC) held the first pep rally of the school year in the gymnasium as a conclusion to the year’s first Spirit Week.

During each period, all students from a specific grade were called to the event, starting with the Grade 9s in period 2 and ending with the Grade 12s in period 5. Once in the gymnasium, students sat with their respective house colours and competed in a variety of activities including tug-of-war, basketball, and musical chairs. A dance performance was also organized for the Grade 9s and 10s.

The last players in the game of musical chairs fight for the last chair.  Image: Jenny Bai

The first pep rally at Marc Garneau CI was held at the start of the previous school year following the introduction of the house colour system. The winners of each event at the pep rally would earn points for their house. This year, SAC plans to build upon the success of last year and is planning to host a series of three different pep rallies over the course of the school year. All Grade 10, 11, and 12 students are in the same house colour as the previous year.

Students pose with the MGCI Cougar. Image: Jenny Bai

According to SAC, the pep rally was made mandatory in order to foster school spirit that was lacking in recent years. The pep rally was an opportunity for students, especially the Grade 9s, to get to know other people from their house, get more familiar with the school, and to make new friends. SAC President Areez Khaki said, “[The pep rally] was a good thing because it brought people from different barriers together. It’s a nice opportunity for students to realize who’s in their house, and to realize the house colour system goes beyond just athletic competition.”

Students playing tug-of-war, one of the highlights of the event. Photo by Jenny Bai

Most students enjoyed the pep rally, with the highlight being the tug-of-war between SAC and the rest of the students. In upcoming weeks, SAC is planning to host the annual Fast Fest, as well as a new Halloween event. A teacher’s musical chairs competition and a Grade 12 barbecue are also in the works.