From 29 to 30 October, Art Council hosted a pumpkin carving contest for students in the school. After two days of preparation, the best pumpkin carver was chosen out of over 1o participants. Grade 12 student Ira Silang carved a pumpkin that was voted by the judges to be the most creative, interesting, and scary.

Pumpkins were carved after school on Thursday, 30 October. A variety of pumpkins were carved. Piravein Srikantha, a participant, said that “They carved cats, some of them made their own custom designs, and other stuff like skeleton faces or a tombstone.”

The judging process took place in the Cafeteria on Halloween. The executives of the Art Council were present, and were the judges for the  contest. They examined each pumpkin carefully, and voted during the next few days.

Pumpkin Carving 1- Sophia Liu

Students carved pumpkins in the art room. Photo: Sophia Liu

The event was organized to fundraise money to purchase more art supplies. They sold pumpkins from Tuesday, 21 October, to Friday, 24 October in the galleria at lunch. Pumpkins were sold for $3 each, and two for $5.

When asked about the purpose of this event, Gloria Zhou, the president of the Art Council stated, “I think that it would allow for students’ creativity to flourish …I think that you can definitely create more spirit in the school. I thought that pumpkin carving would be a good way to allow students to do that”